Introducing a leading retailer to western Canada.

Simons was gearing up to expand into western Canada and worked with Figure3 to design and build out their spaces. ROLLOUT was commissioned to design murals as well as an exterior window that reflected Simons’ private label brands.

The West Edmonton Mall location won Figure3 multiple retail design awards for their innovation in creating a new retail landscape.




Mural Design



My main area of focus was a large mural for the TWIK section of the store. The demographic was fashionable and trendy tween girls.

The creative direction was fantastical and dreamy while working within Figure3's parameters and pink and purple colour scheme.


I began by researching dream symbolism and themes that would resonate with the demographic.  Being underwater is a typical dream that is said to symbolize feeling boundless, an admirable quality of teenagers. I added a bit of fantasy to this mural with an underwater city, a mermaid, and a bit of shimmer!


The clients decided to incorporate elements from the mural into a main exterior window.

With an ask to create something that would allow passersby to peek into the store at strategic spots, I decided to create a faceted version of the mural. This also pulled in elements of their fixtures and other murals I created for the space. 

The window was a striking graphic introduction of Simons to western Canada.